Assignment 2: RA 2: Treatment Program Report

Assignment 2: RA 2: Treatment Program Report

In this assignment, you will read a scenario and develop an evidence-based treatment program within a correctional environment. Your treatment program will display an understanding of the importance of outcome measures for informing effective treatment and for demonstrating the effectiveness of treatment to accrediting bodies. For example, an inmate simply completing a treatment program is not necessarily indicative of a meaningful treatment outcome.

Review the following scenario:

You are a forensic mental health professional who has been tasked with developing a correctional treatment program in the high-security penitentiary in which you work. Your superiors expect you to develop a program, supported by evidence-based research, which targets high-risk factors correlated with recidivism.

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Your superiors have also asked you to develop an evaluation of objective outcome measures to show accrediting government agencies the effectiveness of your program in addressing high-risk factors associated with recidivism.


Create an 8- to 10-page treatment plan in a Microsoft Word document that includes the following:

  • Summarize the most significant research findings about the types of correctional treatment programs that have been found to be effective with offenders.
  • Using research evidence, describe offenders’ high-risk factors that must be targeted through treatment and programming to reduce the risk of recidivism. Make sure to explain how these high-risk factors apply to the treatment plan you develop.
  • Explain your correctional treatment program with regard to the following:
    • Target population
    • Treatment modality (i.e., individual, group, and residential)
    • Length of treatment
    • Specific treatment interventions (minimum three to five)
  • Identify at least four and no more than six outcome measures of your correctional treatment program to show accrediting agencies that your program is effective in addressing high-risk factors associated with recidivism. For example, one outcome measure might be related to inmates who complete the program and whether they engage in further antisocial, aggressive behaviors.
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