4 paragraphs per each assignments 2 scholarly references

Assignment 1

Goldilocks and the Three Assessment Scenarios

If you have not already done so, watch the Goldilocks and the Three Assessment Scenariosvideo. Choose either the “too warm” or “too cool” scenario and compare how the counselor in the “just right” scenario manages the assessment process differently. Applying professional ethics and unit studies as a guide, describe appropriate administration, interpretation, and communication of results in psychological testing.

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Goldilocks and the Three Assessment Scenarios

Counselor Is Too Warm

Counselor (C): Hi. My name is Dr. Nelson. How are you today?

Client (CL): Ummm. Fine.

C: We are going to be doing some assessments together. I hope that will be OK. This assessment is very important to help us get to know you better, and I want to help you make a great impression!

Cl: Uhh. OK.

C: Great! Let us get started C: Ok. Here is the first test you’ll be completing. If you have any questions, just let me know. I will be right here.

Cl: Thanks. I think I am good here. C: Oh good.

Cl: (stops writing) I will be fine if you have other work to do…

C: Oh it is fine. It is important that I am here to observe. C: You may want to take another look at #4 there…

Cl: Gee. Thanks.

C: No problem. I am here to help! C: Oh great. I will score this real quick and give you the results. C: Ok. You did just fine. This is a brief assessment of your intelligence and you are a very intelligent person!

Cl: Really? I cannot wait to tell that to my dad. He never thought much of me in the brains’ department.

C: That is terrible! Everyone has their own type of intelligence and yours is just …less conventional. Cl: Less conventional? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

C: Oh..You are your own kind of smart.

Cl: What? I have no idea what you are saying. Can you just give me a straight answer, instead of this “less conventional” garbage?

Counselor Is Too Cold

C: Hi. I am Dr. Nelson. We will be doing some tests today. It is important that you do your best because the results are very important to your future.

Cl: Oh, OK.

C: Let us get started. Here. (Slides the paper to the client). Follow the directions at the top. I will be back in a few. (walks out)

C: Are you done yet?

Cl. Yeah, I just finished the last question. ..Here. (Slides papers back)

C: OK. Hang on. I will score this real quick. (jots notes)

C: Well, it seems you’ve scored below average. Do not take this wrong, but I do not think this is going to look good for you.

Cl: Say what?! What does that supposed to mean?

C: It is just that most folks do better. That is all.

Cl: Yeah, I get what below average means! What did you mean that it would not look good?

C: Oh. Well, this is a brief intelligence test and it means that you’re just not that smart. It is OK. I mean, it is not THAT bad.

Counselor Is Just Right

C: Hello. I am Dr. Nelson. (

Cl : Hi. I am ___. (Shakes hand)

C: Did you have any trouble finding our office?

Cl: No. Your directions were just fine.

C: Oh good.

Cl: What is this all for anyway?

C: Your employer has a contract with my agency to complete assessments as part of the Employee Assistance Program. Are you familiar with how the program works?

Cl: I think so. Based on the tests I take here today, you are going to decide if I can return to work.

C: Well, not exactly. I will be writing a report based upon the work we do here today, but it is not up to me whether you return to work. You have the right to review the report and ask questions about the results.

Cl: Oh. That makes more sense. I guess my supervisor would have to decide whether I am ready.

C: That is right. My report is just one piece of information to help determine if your recovery is far enough along to make it safe for you to return to a job where safety is very important.

C: We are going to be doing several different assessments today. This first is a brief intelligence test. The purpose is to get a general idea of how your problem-solving skills are progressing.

Cl: Yeah. My doctor said that would take some time to get better.

C: The directions are here at the top. It is important that you only mark one answer for each item. Do you have any questions?

Cl: Seems pretty straight forward. Is it timed?

C: No. You may take as much time as you need to complete it.

90 minutes later….

C: OK. We are all done. Thank you.

Cl: When do I find out the results?

C: I was able to score a couple of the assessments while you were completing others, but I do not have all the results at this point. I will be able to put a report together for you later this week and we can discuss your score at that time.

C: Can you tell me anything?

C: Yes. Compared to others who do your type of work, you seem to still be struggling a little. I remember that you said your doctor predicted that your full recovery would take some time.

Cl: Yeah. I know. I am just so anxious to get back to work. I wonder if I did this too soon. Maybe I should have waited another week…

C: Some of these tests can be repeated. That may be a recommendation for me to consider. A reassessment might be in your interest depending upon the results.

Cl: Oh? Can retry some right now? I know I would do better!

C: I am sorry. The tests are only valid if they are repeated far enough apart. Some would need to be substituted as they cannot be given again so soon.

Cl: I guess that makes sense. So, I should just wait for the results?

C: I understand how important these results are for you. Why do we not set an appointment up for later this week to review the results together? At that point, I will share my recommendations with you, but you certainly have input into what information is shared with your employer.

Cl. I would like that.

Assignment 2


Consider the case example of Mary, a client who discusses suicidal ideation with a counselor, which is presented in Chapter 8 of the text on pages 156–157 of a client who discusses suicidal ideation with a counselor.

  1. Discuss which aspects of “Psychological First Aid: How You Can Support Well-Being in Disaster Victims” from the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress. Which aspects would you use to calm Mary, establish rapport, and obtain more information?
  2. Apply the mnemonic IS PATH WARM, recommended by SAMHSA, to this scenario. How would you assess each of the criteria for the case of Mary? What other assessment tool(s) could be used to help assess Mary’s level of suicidal ideation? Present a rationale for using (or not using) that tool with Mary.


Assignment 3

Assessment of Cognitive Abilities

The assessment of cognitive abilities draws a range of opinions in terms of the validity of assessing “intelligence.” Begin by defining what is assessed. Choose one side of the argument (that intelligence can be accurately measured or that it cannot) and present and review the evidence that supports your position. Focus on professional literature to establish your position. While your personal experiences with academic assessment may influence your opinion, it is your growing professional knowledge that will help you establish a sound and well informed understanding of the relevant issues.

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