art history class history homework help

I want to join this online class art history 270 but the class only has one spot left, the professor is requiring an add code which he will give to student if he decides to let this student join his class. I sent an email earlier today but he did not respond yet so i am thinking about sending another one to persuade him to give me the add code. I don’t really know what kind of attitude does professor usually likes so help me with that please! I guess I probably did not show enough passion nor good reasons in the last email so help me write another good email. If i get into the class large tip will be added!

also here is how my last email looks like so you won’t be repeating the same thing:

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Hi professor XXXX!

this is XXXX student number XXXXX.

I really want to take art history 270 with you I’m wondering if i can please please have the entry code for that.

I have took many art history classes and i am really interested in art history over all.

I saw the course summary and i found it really interesting!!

Thank you so much!!!

also here is a summary about the class:

Introduces participants to various ways contemporary artists and art movements have explored the intersection of visual representation, identity formation, and politics, one of the most persistent themes in art since the 1960s.

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