Applying the Principles of Project Management to Everyday Life, marketing homework help

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Applying the Principles of Project Management to Everyday Life

Select a project as the basis for your final portfolio project. The project may be one that applies to your work or your personal life. The project must require multiple resources, and be large enough in scope to apply project management principles, but limited enough in scope to be completed in 8 weeks. Examples of projects that may work well are remodeling a kitchen, or planning a graduation ceremony for an online university.

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In paper format, develop the following information:

1- Background and statement of need: Briefly describe the organization and the expected benefits for completing the project successfully. At a minimum, your project should include the information on who the stakeholders are and the person who controls the budget and resources; project goals in terms of triple constraints; the start and end dates for your project; the budget; performance criteria; and project scope statement to clarify what is and what is not in the project.

2 – Identify the specific tasks required to complete each item listed on the SOW/scope statement. Develop a WBS, team-building strategies, negotiation, and conflict management techniques for when issues arise.

3 – Develop an RACI. Identify the resources required to accomplish each task. Arrange the tasks into a schedule that takes into consideration the required dependencies between tasks. If you have computerized project management software and feel comfortable using it, you may. It is not required, and you may complete all steps manually. Develop either a PERT or Gantt chart and identify the critical path through the network. Include your PERT or Gantt chart as an appendix, but describe the information contained in the document in the body of your paper. Compare the network results to the project’s triple constraints. Note any concerns about time, budget, and scope.

4 – Assess project control techniques for your selected project. Describe the purpose of control, the types of control processes, and what will be in place for your project.

5 – Explain project termination and how the final success will be determined in measurable terms, the communication plan to see project closure, and how project history will be kept for knowledge sharing on future projects.

Your paper should be 9-10 pages in length and conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Include at least five scholarly references in addition to the course textbooks. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.

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