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Chapter 8 Writing Assignment

Started: Jun 28 at 6:18pm

Quiz Instructions

Chapter 8, Web 2.0 and Social Media, discusses the technologies and capabilities of the social Internet. You will examine how online communities are evolving into social networks and how businesses are responding to this new development.

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  1. Turn to page 247 and read IT at Work 8.3 Recruiters Use Professional Networking Sites
  2. Respond to questions 1 through 3
  3. Turn to page 263 and read Questions for Discussion and Reviews
  4. Respond to questions 1 through 9
  5. Turn to page 265 and read Case 3 Video Case Danone Activia Engages customers Using Social Media (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  6. Respond to questions 1 through 7

1. Why have, and lost their effectiveness? Explain why.

2.Why have HR departments turned to professional networking sites like LinkedIn? Do you have a LinkedIn account?

3.Why is it so essential for career-minded workers to build a professional social network? What can this network do for you?

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4. Explain the fundamental difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

5.Compare the methods that companies used to communicate with their customers using the broadcast model vs. ways that companies can have conversation with their customers using Web 2.0 tools.

6.Describe why it is increasingly difficult to neatly categorize websites as purely “blogs”, “social networking services”, “sharing sites”, “wikis”, etc.

7. Is there really any meaningful difference between “Web 2.0” and “Enterprise 2.0”?

8.How will the social web and individual user expectations for communication shape the workplace of the future? What are some specific ways in which managers or business leaders will have to adjust to this new environment?

9.Describe the fundamental changes that need to take place before the semantic web concept becomes widespread.

10.Explain the role of social media metrics in helping organizations track the impact of social media on their business.

11.What role might Artificial Intelligence play in the semantic web? How will AI tools be helpful in the future?

12.How will concern for individual privacy affect the growth and expansion of Social Networking Services and other social web applications?

13.How would you describe Activia’s brand objectives as they relate to this campaign? In other words, what was Activia hoping to achieve with regard to its brand image?

14.Successful social media campaigns engage people. What specific things did Activia do to engage customers and generate activity on their Facebook page?

15.Some might say that contest prize (a two-week trek vacation through Indonesia) was a bit unusual. Why do you think the campaign creators selected this as a prize?

16.Contestants were told to have their friends “vote” for their submissions. What did Activa accomplish with this tactic?

17.While the contest was launched on Facebook, it eventually spread to other social and traditional media channels. How or why did this occur? Was this desirable from Activia’s perspective?

18.In terms of social media metrics, what specific outcomes did the campaign produce? Explain each.

19.One common objective that companies have for social media campaigns is the creation of “brand advocates”, people who are so excited about the brand that they freely promote it to others. In what ways did this campaign inspire people to become brand advocates?

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