You will be researching and learning about the world of I/O psychology. Please take the time to tackle each question and research it thoroughly, as this information will build the foundation for this course. There is a lot of information out there on the WWW, so feel free to visit you tube, Google, the American Psychological Association, and anywhere else your curiosity leads you. DO NOT PLAGUARIZE! Work will be checked and not accepted if previously used by someone else!!

You must put the information in your own words and cite your sources. You should put your APA citations after each paragraph indicating where you found this information.  PAY ATTENTION AND RE-READ SO YOU DO THIS ASSIGNMENT CORRECTLY AND WE HAVE NO ISSUES!!!

Here is an example of one question showing how citing should look after each question:

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1. What does the field of I/O psychology study? How is it applied in the work place? (4-6 sentences)

The study of I/O psychology is taking what we know about human behavior and applying it to the workplace. I/O psychology is like human resources management, but with a more scientific edge to it. I/O psychology is applied in the workplace by personnel selection, to developing training programs, and performance appraisal systems. There’s an attention on employment laws, and EEOC compliance. The field of I/O study also teaches about psychological tests, psychological testing, how to evaluate tests and how to develop psychological measures which all benefit the workplace and the well-being of employees.

Cherry, Kendra. “What Is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?” Verywell, 1 Nov. 2017,

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