Addiction Self Awareness Paper

Addiction Self Awareness Paper (10 points)        The goal of this paper is for students to summarize and synthesize their experience, and perceptions of addictions, addictive behaviors and the individuals, families and communities affected by addiction. This information will not be shared, only the professor will read this paper. This will count toward your class participation grade and will be due in Week 3 per the class schedule.      Directions        Students are encouraged to write a personal reflective paper about their use or lack thereof of drugs and addictive behaviors. Students will also discuss how drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behaviors have influenced, or not, their life, family, friends and community.  Students are to use the statements and questions below as guidelines in writing this paper, however students do not need to feel limited to these guidelines. The length of this paper is not important; each student’s responses will be different depending on their life experiences and personal writing style.   Please consider the following when writing this paper.                      1.Please include if it is appropriate details about      gender, race/ethnicity, religious and denominational affiliation (if any),      family dynamics and where you are from. 2.Provide your own personal experiences with alcohol,      illegal drugs, and/or behavioral addictions. 3.Discuss how alcohol, drugs, and other addictions have      or have not affected your life. 4.Describe your family background as it relates to      substance use and addictions (substance and/or behavioral). 5.Discuss your personal beliefs/convictions regarding      substance use and addictions (substance and behavioral), include your      basic rationale that undergirds your beliefs/convictions. 6.Explain how you think addictions and addictions      counseling will be a part of your career as a counselor.    7.Identify a couple of substances or addiction related      habits that you are currently attempting to address in your life,      including how you are attempting to address the habits and why. 8.Briefly describe your thoughts about America’s war on      Drugs. What is your stance, perspective on legalizing certain drugs?  9.Briefly describe what you would like to get out of the      experience of taking this class.     NOTE: Your grade on this assignment will not be influenced by the amount of personal information that is contained in the paper but rather by the quality and thoughtful reflection you demonstrate in the paper.  The important aspect of this paper is to link your past experiences to your present beliefs/convictions and behaviors.  This assignment will be kept confidential and will only be read by the instructor.  Papers will be returned in a manner that is also confidential and is respectful of your privacy.      •The paper does not have to be APA Format; however it should have a cover page.

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