5-2 Milestone Four: Draft of first three sections of Component 2

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Submit Milestone Four, a draft of the first three sections of Component 2: Statement of Need, Program Proposal Description and Goals and Objectives, addressing all critical elements from Sections I, II and III of Capstone Component 2.

I. Statement of Need: This section serves as a summary of the community assessment document you just created. This is where you should highlight the most important points of your needs analysis, being sure to also address specific cultural considerations.

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II. Program Proposal Description: In this section, you will describe the evidenced-based program you think the community should implement and discuss how and why it will make a positive difference in the community.

III. Goals and Objectives: A “logic model” (see chart below) is the format you must use for summarizing how you will evaluate implementation of your proposed program in a chart format. It is an opportunity for you to offer a description of what your program aims to do and how those goals will be achieved. Define potential measurable improvements in behavior, performance, and/or process, or highlight a tangible item that will result from the project. You may format your information in a chart using the Logic Model Chart Template provided. The chart should be an Appendix to your Capstone and you are to briefly describe it in this section of your paper. Please see an example of how this chart should be filled out for this milestone below. You are only required to fill out the Goals and Objectives columns as part of this milestone, but be sure to save your chart, as you will continue filling out this chart in Milestone Five and again, you will include the complete chart as part of your final project.


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