15 page paper see deatils below

Assignment Instructions

Locate an area or facility in your local area which you believe would benefit from a CPTED project. Describe how you would proceed to plan, implement, and monitor such a project discussing, as a minimum, the following points:

  • Describe the local area and/or facility in detail and explain why and how CPTED could improve it.
  • Discuss the planning stage. Describe the various persons and entities you must contact in detail.
  • Produce a timeline for the CPTED project.
  • Discuss the actual implementation period in detail. Discuss the various problems you are likely to encounter and describe how you would overcome them.
  • Describe the post-project measures you must take to ensure the project was implemented successfully. Describe the system you must implement to ensure compliance and create an adjustment mechanism to ensure that necessary changes can be affected.

Technical Requirements:

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Length: 15 pages each question, double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font left justified format.

Sources: A minimum of 7-10 sources must be used for each paper. At least two of your sources must be from a scholarly, peer reviewed, journal.

Citations/References: You must use APA style for this assignment.
Submission: All work is to be submitted as an attachment to the assignment link by 11:55 pm on the due date. All work should be prepared in Microsoft Word format and submitted as an attachment.

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